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Welcome to the Balto's Fanclub main page!

Hello, and welcome to the main page of the Balto's Fanclub forums. My reason for making this site would be so Balto fans of all ages can have a place to chat about whatever they want, and also for plain enjoyment. Have a look around, and enjoy your stay!

Site Updates


Here I go again...being late with updates. I'm sorry everyone. High school just sucks.

I have changed a few things in my spare time, though. This is older news, but two global moderators on the forums have been hired, Sora and Aleu Fanatic. Also, a new co.admin has been hired since our last one seemed to have moved on. Please give good wishes to xxjackxx as the new admin, and to the new global mods.

A userplane webchat has been added as an easier way for moderators and members to communicate. It's not very popular, unfortunately...

Finally, a Balto fanfiction section is coming very soon to the main site. Members keep asking for one, and now I believe it's becoming a requirement. Expect it by the next update.



Sorry for not making an update in so long. I guess I didn't have time to post them. Anyway, a few recent changes have been made to the site. For one, two out of three global moderators on the forums have moved on to better sites, and therefore, I have no choice but to resign both of them and hire new mods based on a voting system. One mod (tibb_wolf) has been chosen already, but the second has yet to be decided. In other news, fanart was finally sent to the main page. Thank you Tibby for being the first to send. Also, a new banner for the forums has been created, and a few small things have been added as well. I trust that you will notice them on your own. As soon as the new moderator is decided, I will post it here.



It's been a few days since I made an update, but that doesn't mean that I haven't done anything. I've been working on a few things on the forum, but only very small things. The link to the main page at the bottom of the forum has been made with bigger text (for those of you who miss the obvious) and a new Fichaven link has been added under the Balto Source link. Fichaven is simply a place like Fanfiction.Net, that holds fanfics for any TV show or movie, including Balto. I may add a Fanfiction.Net link later. In other news, we're getting more and more members on the forum, which means that we're going to need more staff members. We only need one more spam hunter on the forums, and we need that position filled more than anything to help keep the forum more organized. A mate box has been suggested by a few members, and I'm still considering fulfulling this request. For now, the answer to that is no. Also, in order to submit to the site, you must send me an e-mail with your desiered username, along with a link to your picture. A Balto fanfiction section is on its way.



I have spent a few hours of my time reconfiguring the forum. The new features include: A "Sites to Visit" section under the shout box, a link to the main page under the last category of the forum,  and a "Music" category. In other news, we have a new forum supervisor, Ecliptica. Wish him luck with his new moderator duties!



Well, first of all, I'd like to thank all of the people who take the time to visit the main page. This site is still under major construction, so bear with me for the next few days. Within a week or so, the page should be finished and running smoothly.


Things to Know

Shout box- If anyone is wondering if there is a shout box anywhere on the site, the answer is yes. The shout box is located at the very bottom of the forum page.

Staff- Staff member slots are still open. I'm a bit disappointed, as well as surprised to know that not a lot of people are subscribing. Please be sure to check the available slots in the Staff Listing section.

Contact the Administrator

If you simply must contact me with a problem of any kind, whether it be on the forum or on the main page, feel free to send me an e-mail via the following address:

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