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Staff Members

These are the staff members on both the site and the forum.

Forum Staff

Administrator- Kari (no more users accepted)

Co.Admin- xxjackxx (no more users accepted)

Global Moderators- tibb_wolf, SoraXD(Shadow)Aleu Fanatic (no more users accepted at the moment)

Specific Forum Moderator- Harley (open group)

Main Site Staff

Administrator- Kari (no more users accepted)

Co.Administrator- Ecliptica (no more users accepted)

Spam Hunter- Roxas (one more user accepted)

(What is a co.admin?- This person must be able to donate a lot of their time to the site, be fair with edits and updates on the site, and also be able to place fan work in the correct part of the site. Basically, the co.admin has to know exactly what they're doing.)

(2 site moderator slots are open. What is a site moderator?- These people must be able to spot typos and errors in links on the site. They must also be wary and check every new thing that appears on the site for errors and/or viruses or spam.)

(1 spam hunter slot is open. What is a site spam hunter?- Spam hunters simply look around the site and check for any typos, and if they find any, they send the location of the error to an administrator.)

Contact the Administrator

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